Масатака такаянаги

In the end Masataka misses his finishing blow most likely intentionally , shattering the concrete wall behind Souichiro. Masataka prepares to fight Shinobu seriously. Masataka smashes the floor and tells Souichiro to go through the hole to find Maya and Aya, and he proceeds to take on 80 guys at the same time. Bob protects Chiaki, his girlfriend, but is little help in this fight. After single handedly defeating 80 men, and with little trouble at that, Chiaki accidentally hits him in the groin drops his pants in the manga, he ends up zipping up on his privates in a frantic attempt to pull them back up. Now limping and leaning on Bob as he leaves, he comes across his brother Mitsuomi.

Mitsuomi calls him weak for having to be carried out after fighting "only 80" people, and back hands him across the room. Still feeling the effects of the groin pain and his brothers backhand, Masataka seems to be losing.

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Once he regains himself, he gains the advantage with his fight with Kagurazaka, when his brother interferes and drops him again. Masataka was not informed about this and not knowing the significance of the Reiki any more than Aya did, he lets her stay at his place for a while. Manga The manga is far more graphic than the anime, although this is edited out of the CMX version. The manga has a large quantity of nudity and sex related material, not present in the anime. It is also contains more blood, and shows more graphic techniques than the anime.

The manga has gone far beyond where the anime left off, and Masataka gets far more attention later. As Bob starts to lose in his fight against the sword expert, Madoka Mawari, Masataka steps up and takes the fight for him.

масатака такаянаги

Masataka actually gets serious in this fight, saying he is angry "for the first time in a long time". This is when it is revealed he is an anti-weapons specialist.

масатака такаянаги

Masataka protects Madoka, resulting in Fu slashing his shoulder. He attempts to counter attack, but is electrocuted; Aya rushes in to help. Bunshichi opens the door and Masataka and Madoka collapse inside. Given his nature, Bunshichi is initially hesitant to help; so Masataka decides to do it himself, leading Madoka to worry that he might be killed. Bunshichi does actually step up to fight, but Masataka does most of the fighting. Suddenly half the city blacks out and Bunshichi realizes Fu is sucking all the electricity into himself to vaporize everyone, including himself.

As Bunshichi tells everyone to run Masataka rushes Fu, and hits him hard. Tetsuhito and Katsumi Kabuto observed the fight. While Katsumi initially doubted Masataka, Tetsuhito had faith in his skill and actually seemed impressed. Tetsuhito is grateful to Masataka for stopping Fu since his suicide attack could have killed them also. Fu thanks Masataka for saving him and freeing him of his mind control; however, he mentions going for revenge which leads Tetsuhito to kill him. Tetsuhito then points out him healing Masataka was showing his gratitude to God, for giving him an opponent as worthy as Masataka.

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Tetsuhito and Katsumi elect to leave instead. Now the tournament has finally started.

масатака такаянаги

Souichiro subsequently defeats the 2nd round opponent with one Forged Iron Needle Attack. As Kagesada Sugano almost solely referred to by his nickname: Masataka seems to base this faith on the grounds Kagesada has been around the captain Maya Natsume the longest of any of them. She displays crude and brutish skill; Masataka notes she is renowned for having the most beautiful form in the school. In the end the fight ends up a double KO so the Juken Club wins the round. Afterward the Juken Club prepares to go home at the end of the day. Masataka hesitantly decides to go with Souichiro to eat given he has nothing better to do, yet refuses to pay.

Realizing they need to eat so they will be at their peak for the tournament, yet both of them are broke, Souichiro intimidates a waiter into giving them free food.

Персонаж Масатака Такаянаги из аниме На земле и на небесах

In the end the fight ends up a double KO so the Juken club wins the round. Later on, after hearing that his brother was fighting Bunshichi, Masataka storms the estate in order to stop the fight only to arrive too late.

масатака такаянаги

Mitsuomi, who is still holding a seemingly dead Bunshichi looks up to find a furious yet saddened Masataka.

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Имя: Масатака Такаянаги. Происхождение: Tenjou Tenge. Уровень сил: 9. Классификация: Человек, член Дзюкенбу. Возраст: 17 лет. Умения, силы и способности: Сверхчеловеческие физические характеристики, манипуляции энергией (ки), рукопашный бой.

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Масатака Такаянаги / Masataka Takayanagi. Персонаж аниме и манги.Прочие: Masataka Takayanagi. Арт с имиджборд.

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Masataka vs Kagurazaka - Duration: Tenjo tenge Nagi souchirou vs Masataka Takayanagi OST - Duration:

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Персонаж: Масатака Такаянаги. Студент второго курса и младший брат Мицуоми. Большую часть времени он спокоен и немного застенчив, но его поведение меняется.

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Masataka Takayanagi epic moment Ill become the bigstat.rug Show more notes. Reblog. Souichiro Nagi & Masataka Takayanagi.

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Masataka Takayanagi (高柳 雅孝, Takayanagi Masataka?) is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjho Tenge.